What to Wear After 30


30 years is a turning point in the life of any woman. It’s time to take on new responsibilities in professional and personal life. I believe that the style of dress must follow the evolution of our maturity and our personal achievement.As a woman and mother of 30 years, I am concerned to keep me young, female and modern, while providing security and stability.

1# Say no to Teenager style

At 30 it is no longer advisable to be mistaken for a teenager, so stop dressing like that. It is important to follow fashion trends, but make a selection and avoid too rebellious and too relaxed clothing such as jeans badly torn or sporty clothes (unless you are playing sport). But you can mix some of those clothes with classic pieces.


2# Keep it sexy

A woman can always show their sensual side, regardless of age. Skirts and dresses are almost always the sexiest option, and you should keep wearing it. Try the pencil skirts at the knee, or other type of skirt with more structured forms, highlighting the female form even when covered. If you opt for mini-skirts, don´t use a mini-top too, keep more covered on the top, and also highlight your legs wearing high heels. The leggings are sexy but are not pants, and it is preferable to use them with tunics. But you can always opt for jeggings, wich are so tight as leggings, but have a thicker fabric without the inconvenience of becoming transparent, and may have pockets and belt loops simulating the structure of a normal pants.


3# Use high heels

It is clear that the use of high heels depends on the lifestyle you lead. Look for a type of hells which you feel comfortable, so you have a confident walk. The high-heeled shoes help to maintain a more mature and elegant posture. It can also make you look thinner and thus disguise the extra pounds they gained when you turn 30.


4# Add some classic pieces to your wardrobe

Don´t need adopt a completely classical style, but there are certain timeless garments that must be included in your wardrobe and used with more trendy pieces. The fundamental classic pieces are: a white shirt, a trench coat, a stiletto high heels, and an executive dress.


5# Be unique

During adolescence we follow fads and want to be part of a certain group. But as adults we can free ourselves and show what we really are. At this point our personality is more marked and structured. We already know what we want and what we are and this awareness allows acquire greater individuality. Find your own style, in the midst of such diversity, and de unique.

xoxo, Joana

Pictures from here: https://www.pinterest.com/joanafashion/fashion-inspirations/


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